Are You Making Any Impact?

In an ever busy and demanding life, with ups and downs, success and failures, and lows and highs… what matters is what kind of impact you're making!

Your soul will always be searching for impact, even in times where you are on autopilot – personally and professionally. It actually will disrupt your autopilot, and will usually creep in to your peace and shuffle your norms, for just asking one simple question: “What impact are you making?! what influence you’ve have made so far?!”.

Impact can be as simple and intuitive as drawing a smile on someone’s face. It can be as sophisticated and demanding as uplifting the morale of a whole organization or nation.

Impact can be as enjoyable as giving a hand of support to a household so not to collapse. It can be as bloody and painful as recovering from a war.

Impact can be as genuine as making your own son happy and relieved. It can be harsh and painful when going against your own desires to just answer the lively call of conscious.

Impact can be as intimate as folding your arms around your wife or kids when they most need you. It can be as public as leading a team to victory and achievement at work.

Impact can be as tiny as giving a hand to an elder person. It can be as huge and tremendous as leading humanity to sincerity and respect to each other.

Impact can be as small as advancing your own household finances. It can be as huge as being a lighthouse to a nation’s economy.

Impact can be so personal as in innovatively elevating your own confidence. It can be as shiny as a team winning and putting the name of their own nation on the map of innovation!

When an impact call knocks the door, you may sometimes ignore it and make some stupid nonsense escapes. This only makes it louder in calling and aggressive in knocking. No matter what that call is about, it will hunt you down until it gets an answer; be it positive or negative!. Be careful for your answer; a call of "impact search" has dignity, and it might not return when disappointed in you, repeatedly.

You might wonder what a positive answer looks like. No need for that wondering. It is simply when you can vividly describe your impact on those who are around you. A negative answer might be: “impact what?!”, “who cares?!”, or even worse: “that's none of my business!”.

Feeling your own impact is a survival guide. Making impact is simply making your own life meaningful. Keep it as a close friend of yours. Never fall in the trap of living one more day on autopilot, without making one form or another of impact on your own life, on your loved ones, on those you interact with, or on the humanity.