Presentation Skills - How to Present Your Best

A meta-presentation! a presentation on how to do presentations. Dissecting the topic of giving presentation and public speaking into four major components: 1) presenter, 2) audience, 3) content, and 4) tools, and then giving 3 guidelines on each.

1| Presenter
  • Anxiety and confidence are your friends, and too much of them is the enemy
  • Be in the act with all of your body
  • Solicit feedback and act on it
2| Audience
  • Connect with the audience whenever possible
  • Tune in to the bands of the audience
  • Engage your audience until the end
3| Content
  • Craft your own content
  • Focus your message
  • Leave your audience with key takeaways
4| Tools
  • Anything but Standard… Default is Evil
  • Use different techniques
  • Master the technology

Below is the slide deck that highlights these guidelines.