Reinventing the Resume

Reflect on your past jobs and work experiences, visualize your resume, and emphasize job “fit” by highlighting:

  • Timeline
  • Competencies
  • Motivation
  • Work style

A Resume is All About Reflections

Your resume is not just a marketing tool to hunt and be hunted. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the past and make sense of things. You need to craft a resume that’s vivid and genuine. And here is how:

1| Visualize your timeline
  • Reflect your work experience on a timeline
  • Imagine individual jobs as episodes or chapters in your life
  • Episodes can be grouped into seasons which reflect work themes
2| Highlight your competencies
  • Instead of just talking about your experience and projects
  • Highlight the competencies that your work helped you develop
  • Competencies are more enduring than projects and achievements

Competencies can be professional such as: project management, technical sales, strategy formulation, and IT operations. Or they can be behavioral such as: customer focus, team leadership, communication, cross-group collaboration, and coaching/mentoring.

3| Emphasize what turns you on
  • It’s always expected that you are self-motivated
  • But what factors make you thrive at work and be satisfied
  • And how these driving factors has shaped over time

You might be motivated by knowledge, money, meaning, status, or autonomy. Read more about What’s your formula for satisfaction at work? part I and part II.

4| Talk about your work style
  • A job is an experience that needs to be rewarding
  • For it to be rewarding, it has to be balanced in giving and taking
  • Giving and taking is all about learning, performing, and coaching

Read more: Three Rides and a Fall, a Typical Job Experience!

The way forward
  1. Craft a theme/trailer for your upcoming work season
  2. Which competencies you would like to carry on and/or develop
  3. What factors of satisfaction you would like to emphasize more
  4. How about any specific work style you need to highlight

and the way forward for me is:

  • Having an impact by developing youth capital
  • Training, learning facilitation, and leading by coaching
  • Greater autonomy and meaningful work
  • Performing while learning and coaching as I go

How about your resume? Don’t your think it’s time to reinvent it?!

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