People Who Inspired or Influenced Me and Continue to Do So!


1| Prophet Mohammed (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

For his guidance to submit to One God through Islam. And for being the role model for the “Emotionally Intelligent”.

I Still Remember (1978 - present)

His great wisdom and morals crafted in his biographies.

Allah will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your kin, always tell the truth, help the needy, honor the guest, and assist in justice

– Khadijah bint Khuwailed

2| My Mother

For her spirit of assertiveness. And her admiration and desire for my excellence in life, study and work.

I Still Remember (1978 - present)

Well... everything - sweet and sorrow!
For the sweet was approving… And the sorrow was advancing!

3| My Father

For his spirit of patience and indulgence. And his constant practice to give space and freedom to choose.

I Still Remember (1978 - present)

Yet... everything - ancient and recent!
For the ancient was fueled by his weariness. And the recent is fueled by his prayer and wisdom.

4| Teacher Saleh

For his passion for teaching and learning. And for his diligence to deliver learning differently.

I Still Remember (~1986)

when he got the class to go outside in a lovely day, formed a circle, and started a group discussion. That was different where setting on chairs in the classroom was the only way to learn.

5| Teacher Ahmed Maher

For his encouragement to participate in a “short story” competition. And for his mastery of English.

I Still Remember (~1993)

One day, when he called me out of class and took me to the principal’s office to tell me that I won the first prize on the “short story” competition.

6| Teacher Khalid Alfaisal

For his passion for teaching and going beyond the book. And for his care and confidence in me.

I Still Remember (~1996)

When he told me that the school are preparing a unique prize for me that year. It turned out to be a huge wall-mounted clock with my name written on it by a calligrapher, and the calligrapher was him.

7| Dr. Mohammed ElAffendi

For his humbleness to all he meets; old and young. And for his desire to learn and be up-to-date all the time.

I Still Remember (~2000 & 2010)

How humble he was whenever you meet him - in class, in his office, and in the college corridors. And even when I met him after 10 years, he is still that kind and humble man.

8| Dr. Abdullah Alsalamah

For his trust and empowerment of youth. And for giving the young hires responsibilities to sharpen their skills.

I Still Remember (~2002)

When he assigned me to a critical project, tapped me on the shoulder, looked me in the eye, and said: “I won’t approve their work until you tell me it’s done successfully”.

9| Dr. Tariq Alsuwaidan

For his historical perspective on management. And for his great skill in story telling.

I Still Remember (~2004 - 2008)

The days when I drove hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometers, and my only companion was his audio albums of history and biographies.

10| Dr. Stephen R. Covey

For his insights in leadership and management. And for his thoughts on the essence of the important.

I Still Remember (~2009 - 2011)

His “time management matrix” where you can reflect and act on what you’re busy with by understanding the time quadrants as the (un)urgent and the (un)important.

11| Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai

For his critical thinking and his spirit of the team. And for his belief in me in tough times.

I Still Remember (2004 - 2005)

When he always empowered and defended the whole team while other managers appeared more like forwarding machines.

12| Adel AlMassarani

For his passion for the team and his proactiveness. And for his constant push to grow others.

I Still Remember (2006 - 2011)

His enthusiasm when he interviewed me for my first job at Microsoft. And all the encouragement and reassurance he provided me throughout.

13| Dr. Mohammed AlOqeely

For his diplomacy that rises above politics. And for his belief and confidence in me.

I Still Remember (2001 & 2011)

When I reached out to him twice in my career lifetime for advice and opportunities and he sure was ready and welcoming.

14| Sultan AbuKoshaim

For his acquaintance and love of reading. And for giving wild and true perspectives on matters in hand.

I Still Remember (2014)

When he is thinking in my shoes and genuinely advising for my own advancement. And all the praise and critical feedback he offered me.

15| My Wife

For her always-on admiration and reassurance. And for standing by my side through the adversity and prosperity.

I Still Remember (2006 - present)

Her gaze that is full of hope and appreciation ...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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