Abdurrahman has more than 15 years of experience working in private and public sector organizations, some of which are Microsoft, Saudi Telecom Company, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, and the Saudi Standards Organization.  He worked as a high performance employee, he supervised high performance teams, and he managed and lead teams in these organizations.

Abdurrahman has a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from King Saud University, and a Master of Business Administration from Alfaisal University.  He has first honors from both universities.

Currently, Abdurrahman provides consulting services in IT strategy development, and IT capability building and organizational development under the umbrella of his own consulting boutique.

He is also a trainer & coach for teams, and focuses on building and developing skills of high performance teams.  He conducts training and facilitates workshops on a variety of soft skills.

Abdurrahman loves to engage in voluntary training and mentoring for youth, especially in developing individual and team skills that matter in the work place.

Abdurrahman loves writing in his own blog, articulating and simplifying concepts through infographics, and is also a cloud computing hobbyist who loves to refresh his knowledge on cloud patterns and services.

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